Green Biofuels Ireland is the leading producer of waste-based biofuel in Ireland.

The company was founded by a group of visionary business people who shared deep concerns for our environment and were determined to make a difference.

We take non-food grade category one tallow from Irish meat producers as well as used cooking oil, that would otherwise be dumped, from restaurants, cafés, hotels and recycling centres all over Ireland and upcycle it into clean, efficient fuel that is added to diesel to reduce carbon emissions.

Over half a billion litres of GBI’s upcycled biofuel is delivered through fuel pumps in Ireland every year – the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars off the road!

Green Biofuels Ireland was the first commercial-scale biofuel processing plant established in Ireland.

The first batch of GBI’s biofuel was successfully produced in 2008. We have grown steadily since then through focusing on the integrity and quality of our product to become Ireland’s largest biofuel producer.

Our state of the art processing plant is designed to accommodate future increases in demand and innovations in technology.

How Green Are We?

At Green Biofuels Ireland we are very serious about doing all we can to reduce impact on the environment.


We invest continuously into evolving our processes to ensure maximum Greenhouse Gas savings. To ensure we are hitting our targets, we are ISO audited externally by the Dutch European audit of Greenhouse Gas Saving.

Our current score is 92% Greenhouse Gas Saving versus fossil fuel. We will continue to strive to improve this score even further.

We are dedicated to creating positive energy.

GBI adheres to EN14214 – the European quality and safety standard for liquid petroleum products.

Commercial Scale Biodiesel Processing Plant Ireland



EWABA is a non profit organisation to support the promotion of waste-derived biofuels. Tony sits on the executive board and is also there auditor. As members of EWABA this helps us to have a voice in Europe and national authorities by directly interacting with officials to help make good informed decisions on biofuel.


Biofuels Obligation Scheme

promotes the use of energy from renewable sources


NORA ensures that we meet our obligations under EU legislation.  They also are responsible for administering Ireland’s Biofuels Obligation Scheme



Promotes the bioenergy industry on the island of Ireland. Non-profit organisation.  Help to influence policy makers, improve public awareness and promote projects within the industry.

European Biodiesel Board

The European Biodiesel Board represent biodiesel producers in Europe.


BioDiesel International

The technology behind GBI. They also offer support and technical backup to produce biofuel in GBI. Promotes clean energy through multi-feedstock technology.