Our Carbon Footprint

Sustainability and the environment are at the heart of everything Green Biofuels Ireland stands for.
Our production methods are designed to maximize recycling opportunities wherever they arise and to ensure 100% environmental efficiency in our output.


” We have taken the initiative to have our Greenhouse Gas Savings measured by external, independent experts “

– the Dutch European audit of Greenhouse Gas saving.


Our Inputs are Carbon Zero

Inputs : What Goes into GBI biofuel

Non-Food Grade Category One Tallow

Tallow is a by-product of the meat processing industry. It is rendered fat – mainly made up of triglycerides. This substance was considered waste as it had no use in Ireland before we began to use it to create biofuel.

Used Cooking Oil
Sourced by our suppliers from cafés, restaurants, hotels, canteens and recycling centres all over Ireland.

Our Process is high tech efficient and effective


The overall score given to GBI is 92% GHG versus fossil fuel.

Our Biofuel is produced by the transesterification process using Austrian BDI technology. This produces greenhouse gas emissions of 10 gCO2eq/MJ

The future of our footprint

We envision that Green Biofuels Ireland will play an important part in helping to meet Ireland’s environmental commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

GBI is helping Ireland to reduce our dependence on imported fuels and to improve the security of supply of fuels as well as reducing the growing EU diesel deficit.

The future of biofuels is being developed constantly. Right now, we are investing in research on our next leap forward.

Our current score is 92% Greenhouse Gas Saving versus fossil fuel. We will continue to strive to improve this score even further.

We are dedicated to creating positive energy.

GBI adheres to EN14214 – the European quality and safety standard for liquid petroleum products.

Biofuel Carbon Footprint