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The Importance of Buying Irish

By September 14th, 2022No Comments

The Importance of Buying Irish :

Helping to Fuel a Greener Economy

We expect and hope that the Irish biofuel industry will grow, with more biofuel being added to diesel in the years to come, as EU and Irish government mandates increase.

It is important that this biofuel is not imported, as that will dramatically reduce the environmental benefit that comes with its use. At our waste-based biofuel plant in New Ross, Co. Wexford, we take in Used Cooking Oil from Irish sources and use it to produce Irish biofuel for the Irish market. This system ensures that Green House Gas savings are maximised right through the cycle of production and recycling, including “fuel miles” in delivering the biofuel to Irish distributors.

Used cooking oil collection services should be encouraged to keep the product within Ireland, rather than selling it overseas, as the market grows. This will help to ensure the sustainability of the waste-biofuel industry in our country, retain the integrity of our industry and help us to reach our carbon-saving targets.