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What is Biofuel?

By September 14th, 2022No Comments

What is Biofuel?

Biofuel is fuel made from living things or their waste.

The biofuel that Green Biofuels Ireland makes is waste-based biofuel. This means that it is made with used (waste) cooking oil and category one tallow. Tallow is rendered fat – a by-product of the meat industry – mostly made up of triglycerides.

To make biofuel, we add methanol, potassium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and process water to the used cooking oil (UCO) and tallow. The process that these ingredients go through is called transesterification.

Biofuel is blended with diesel to fuel cars. Using waste-based biofuel reduces the environmental impact of driving. Here in Ireland this is done at a rate of 13% biofuel to diesel but we hope that this ratio will be increased in the coming years.

You can read about the benefits of Biofuel here.